Our suite of tools and industry best-practices provide a platform for you to identify and enhance your sales strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

Helping you build a stronger sales capability

To assist you in identifying areas of strength and weakness across your sales or account management teams, Trinity has developed a suite of tools including: The Trinity Sales Process Audit and the Trinity Sales Benchmarking Review.

Available individually or as a combined offering, these two services deliver:

  • An unbiased appraisal of the sales skills and competencies of your current team
  • A clear delineation of where skills gaps or sales enablement targets may exist
  • An assessment of key sales disciplines and competencies where team members are excelling
  • A detailed breakdown of your current sales process covering: Marketing | Pipeline and Lead Generation activities | Discovery and Needs Analysis | Deal Crafting and Negotiation | Account Management and Customer Retention.

The outputs from both activities feed directly into future sales training and sales transformation activities, ensuring the highest priority areas are addressed first.

In addition, Trinity provides a number of freely available tools and resources, including:

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Sales benchmark drives sales growth

Case study – Marketing Automation Company

Poor sales performance in some key areas of the business
A lack of consistent sales structure and sales processes

Implement Win Loss program
Undertake a sales audit to identify gaps or areas of weakness in the sales process
Conduct a study to benchmark sales team against key sales skills and competencies

Need for more strategic and opportunity plans
Confused messaging to the market
Best practices being positioned, not delivered
Product knowledge gaps

Management to require account plans for all key deals
Workshops to agree single unified pitch
Working group set up to improve connectivity
Training program

Significant increase in deal values
Reduction in cost of sales (less rework and qualifying)
A more consistent customer experience
More engaged sales team

cian mcloughlin
Trinity Perspectives

“We worked closely with Trinity to customise a closed loop sales benchmarking program, which delivered beneficial and actionable insights across our core teams. This program is a ‘must do’ for any organisation that cares about its customers. It also complements Trinity’s Win Loss Program, which we also utilised extensively.”

Melissa, MD
Marketing Automation Company

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