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Discover why you’re winning and losing business from the one source of truth that matters most: Your customers and prospects.

Our suite of tools and industry best-practices provide a platform for you to hone your sales strengths and target any areas of weakness.

Our training focuses on ‘closing the gap’ between your current sales processes and what your customers really want and need.

We work alongside you at each step of your sales process, so you can compete with confidence, knowing you’re on track to win more deals.

Trinity Perspectives is a sales training and consulting company, specialising in Win Loss Analysis. We help you close more deals by removing the guesswork, exposing the real truth behind why you win and lose. By harnessing the power of your customers’ insights, we deliver concrete change and improvement across all aspects of your sales process. Take a closer look at our 4 key areas of expertise:









At Trinity, we’re here to help you exceed your sales goals.
Need some advice or a different perspective on a tricky sales challenge?
Please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Featured resources

Why We Win

In this video we share key insights from real customer interviews about what influences their purchasing decisions, and some of the feedback is surprising.

Rebirth of the Salesman

Chock full of war stories, insights and interviews, Rebirth of the Salesman provides concrete steps to develop your sales effectiveness and enhance your personal and professional brand.

Read more about the book and download 2 chapters 

Win Loss FAQ

What is Win Loss Analysis? Is it right for your sales organisation? Where do you start? The answers to these and many more questions are contained in this downloadable FAQ document.

More on Win Loss Analysis, download the FAQs here

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Over the years Trinity has worked with, advised and trained a wide variety of businesses around the world, with a key focus on the technology and telecommunications sectors. The testimonials below represent a small sample of the customers we are proud to have partnered with in recent years:

Ivan Seselj

Promapp has engaged with Trinity Perspectives for sales team development and partner program advice for a number of years. Cian’s passion, ideas, challenges and war stories, which earn rave reviews from our sales teams every time, can only come from someone that has lived and breathed the sales challenge. Cian’s guidance for our sales team is as valuable now as it was in our start-up days.

Ivan Seselj – CEO, Promapp

Shane GroblerThe essence of value that someone brings to an organisation is not the volume of the applause at the end of a sales training session, but the continuous reference back to the key messages and ‘ah-ha’ moments by the audience. Cian has done just that for us at Presence of IT – he created a shift in our thinking, our approach to selling and our client interactions that have a lasting impact.

Shane Grobler – Co-CEO, Presence of IT

Paul Kruger

UXC Oxygen has engaged Trinity on many occasions over the past few years to assist with sales coaching, Win Loss Analysis and general business strategy. Cian’s ability to engage with and add value at all levels of our business, is second to none. We look forward to working with Cian and his team for many years to come.

Paul Kruger – GM Sales and Marketing, UXC Oxygen

Genevieve Gilmore

We’re an engineering company at heart, so when our sales team (spread across 3 continents) needed to double in size, we sought advice from an expert. We explained to Trinity that we needed to bring our team together with a united vision and mission to set us on a path of growth, expected from a SAAS company with global reach. Trinity was able not only to achieve this, but also inspire the individuals in the team to expect more of themselves.

Genevieve Gilmore – Chief Operating Officer, Learnosity

The Trinity Blog

Voted one of the Top 50 Sales Blogs in the world for the past 3 years by Top Sales World magazine, our blog explores ideas, trends, news and best practice relating to sales management and strategy. Visit our blog

How to become a sales superhero

So you want to be a great salesperson, a truly great salesperson? Do you really want it? Good, you’re halfway there. The other half is learning the rules of the …

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some cool events for sales professionals. What are you waiting for?