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How to add value by ditching the discount

Everyone wants and deserves a good deal. But a ‘good deal’ doesn’t mean the cheapest price. In sales, sometimes we default to providing a discount because in the absence of anything else, the …

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Just start!

I had my first home haircut in about 40 years the other day. They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and entering week 7 of lockdown with a shaggy mane and no prospect of a haircut, I was definitely in need. 

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Winning the one percenters

You don’t win or lose in sales because you’re 50% better or 50% worse than your competition. You win or lose by tiny increments that add up throughout the entire sales cycle. 

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How to avoid sounding desperate in sales

“I really struggle to keep the desperation out of my voice”. A salesperson confessed this to me recently, about prospecting and making cold calls. Like so many other salespeople at the moment, he’s …

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My top 10 LinkedIn tips

I was lucky enough to make the list of Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Voices list again, as curated by Scott Ingram, coming in at number 86 this time. In case it helps with your LinkedIn strategy, I thought I’d unpack a few of the LinkedIn tips …

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The 3 P’s to run a great meeting

When you start to analyse all the different factors that influence a great meeting, it can make your head spin. I know … I did it not so long ago and here’s what I realised.

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Old World vs New World

As F2F events make a welcome return in the coming weeks and months, I’m fascinated to see what will have changed and what will remain the same? Which businesses will stick with the old world and which will embrace the new?

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A question for better engagement

Here’s what I find puzzling! We all know great content when we see it. Scrolling through LinkedIn, it jumps out at you through the bland posts and sea of sameness.

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