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The best and worst of sales forecasting

Slippage. Blood Commit. Bottom Drawers and Bluebird Deals. The language of sales forecasting can be confusing and deeply unsettling at times. Over 20 years I’ve seen the very best and the very …

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Anatomy of a competitive loss

Interested to read the anatomy of a close competitive loss? From a long list of 9 vendors, the client short listed to 2. The feedback from the prospect on the losing vendor was odd.

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Talk to your customers

Don’t talk about your customers, talk to your customers. Don’t guess at their preferences, find out what they actually like and dislike. Don’t ponder their decision criteria, get them to explain it to you.

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7-step framework to stamp out ghosting

“Ghosting” has become a hot topic in the world of dating in recent times, with bizarre stories emerging of people wiping their digital slates clean, simply to avoid the awkward break-up conversation.

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Mood of the B2B Buyer Report

More than a year ago, I hatched an idea to tap into the sentiment of business decision makers and procurement people around the world, to understand what really makes them tick.

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