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Hailed a ‘sales and marketing guru’ by the Sydney Morning Herald, Cian McLoughlin is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Rebirth of the Salesman.

A regular writer and commentator in the mainstream media, Cian is a sought-after speaker and commentator on topics relating to B2B sales, the rise of social selling and the impact of win/loss analysis in business.

youngupstarts Comparing Apples with Apples

Article written by Cian for Young Upstarts.

smallville Learning to listen

Sydney-based sales strategy consultant Cian McLoughlin helps both large multinationals and SMEs funnel customer feedback. He says businesses should seek feedback every six to 12 months.

realestate Keeping leads warm: 3 ways to stay top of mind

The first thing? Stop treating leads as leads. When you treat leads like people, you engage with them in a way which is authentic, credible and human, according to Cian McLoughlin, CEO of boutique sales training and consulting firm Trinity Perspectives and author of Amazon bestseller Rebirth of the Salesman.

huffingtonpost Are machines taking over?

As the industrial revolution makes way for the digital revolution, with machines performing ever more complex tasks and online platforms replacing bricks and mortar businesses, more and more jobs in today’s economy will begin to disappear.

To gain further insight into this topic I recently caught up with Cian McLoughlin founder of Trinity Perspectives and author of the soon to be released book Rebirth of the Salesman.

SydneyMorningHerald The year of the small business

Cian McLoughlin, founder and CEO of a small Sydney-based sales consulting and advisory firm, Trinity Perspectives, believes the changing nature of content is helping small businesses thrive.

SydneyMorningHerald Never call your customers

Sales consultancy Trinity Perspectives’ chief executive Cian McLoughlin says customers’ high frustration levels have made telemarketing a dying sales technique.

huffingtonpost 5 ways to deal with adversity in business

Starting and running a business can be extremely challenging. Most entrepreneurs and managers find new obstacles to remove and towering barriers to scale every day of the week.

SydneyMorningHerald Seven crack negotiating tactics

“Done properly, negotiation is actually about trading something which you want and need, for something I want and need,” reveals Cian McLoughlin, CEO of sales consultancy and advisory firm Trinity Perspectives.

SydneyMorningHerald How to get a meeting with a CEO

Cian McLoughlin, CEO of sales-coaching business Trinity Perspectives, says, “Create a relationship with the gatekeeper”.

MindFood Second life

A combination of inspiration and frustration motivated Cian McLoughlin to leave a corporate job in the IT software industry and start Trinity Perspectives, a boutique sales consultancy.

SydneyMorningHerald Turbocharge your business in 2014

Cian McLoughlin, managing director of Trinity Perspectives, spent the closing days of 2013 getting crystal clear on what will make his sales-strategy business most valuable to clients and he plans to make that his primary focus this year.

SydneyMorningHerald Six signs your business is going to die

Poor pipelines, problems converting sales or trouble retaining customers can quickly sap life from your biz, says director of sales consulting/advisory firm Trinity Perspectives, Cian McLoughlin.

rescue Tips on how to approach and get the ‘big sale’ closed

Cian provides his tops on averting stage fright.

smartcompany How to start 2013 with a bang

Businesses will need to hone their customer acquisition techniques in 2013. The time, cost and effort needed to acquire new customers is growing as buying patterns change and evolve, Cian McLoughlin, director of Sydney consulting and advisory firm, Trinity Perspectives, says.

smartstartup Learning to listen

Sydney-based sales strategy consultant Cian McLoughlin helps both large multinationals and SMEs funnel customer feedback. He says businesses should seek feedback every six to 12 months.

SydneyMorningHerald Customers not buying? What to do now

Marketing expert Cian McLoughlin runs a boutique sales advisory business, which means many of his clients “are grappling with lack of sales and cash-tills which just aren’t ringing”, McLoughlin says. But he is optimistic.

startupdaily Trinity Perspectives

Article featuring Trinity Perspectives.

shortpress Five steps to becoming an industry expert

Narrow down your expertise to a specific niche, advises Cian McLoughlin, chief executive of sales consulting business Trinity Perspectives.