Sales Training and Consultancy

In this increasingly commoditised selling environment, the skills, knowledge and aptitude of individual sales people in your organisation can often be the difference between success and failure.

All too often purchasing decisions are made based on the smallest of perceived differences between similar competing solutions. Adopting a model that focuses on regular small tweaks and continuous improvement to sales execution, can have a far reaching benefit for sales organisations and their prospective clients.

Trinity Perspectives’ industry leading sales training and consultancy is based on years of successful sales execution, supported by detailed research with hundreds of sales people. Tested and refined by some of the best B2B sales organisations in the world, we believe it can make a difference for you.

Tangible Benefits:

  • Provides sales management with a mechanism to refine and improve the skill-set of their sales teams on an ongoing basis.
  • Focuses on key areas of the sales cycle such as prospecting, the discovery and needs analysis phase, how to articulate a value proposition, how to negotiate and close a sale.
  • Provides both 1:1 and team-based training options to ensure that each individual in the sales team can derive benefits specifically related to their skill-set and experience levels.
  • Offers both sales executives and sales managers the opportunity to test and improve their skill-set in a secure and constructive environment.
  • Uses a combination of classroom and real world case studies to provide participants with meaningful strategies and insights, which they can immediately apply to their own sales opportunities.
  • Helps to reduce sales and sales management turnover, through ongoing employee development and targeted enablement activities.