Sales Strategy and Sales Management

In the current business environment, as sales quotas continue to rise and buying behaviours continue to evolve, a well-defined sales strategy and detailed plan of attack is critical.

Trinity Perspectives works closely with B2B sales organisations around ANZ and the Asia Pacific region to improve and refine their sales strategies. From setting the strategic goals of the business, to market penetration strategies, from forecast and pipeline management, to tailoring compensation models to achieve specific outcomes, we’ve done it all and we’re here to help.

We also provide outsourced sales management services for organisations lacking either the time or the expertise to support their sales teams in delivering on the goals which have been set for the business. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly outsourced sales management options can be tailored to the specific needs of individual organisations.

Tangible Benefits:

  • Provides your organisation with proven sales strategies and techniques to apply to your sales cycles and derive immediate results.
  • Offers you the opportunity to benchmark your sales processes against industry best-practices in the enterprise sales market and constantly strive to become better.
  • Introduces consistent methodologies to better track your pipeline of opportunities and more effectively manage your sales forecasts.
  • Offers guidance and advice for improving the success rate of individual sales resources and entire sales teams, at each of the key stages of the sales cycle.
  • Helps to demystify the sales processes, break it down into more manageable chunks and suggest proven strategies to reduce cost of sale and increase ROI.
  • Challenges you to keep improving and refining your sales processes, to take you further away from your competitors and closer to your clients and prospects.

Trinity Perspectives was founded by Cian Mcloughlin, expert in sales training, sales consulting and author of the Amazon #1 bestseller, Rebirth of a Salesman. He founded Trinity Perspectives to help salespeople like him cope with the changing nature of sales and of buying. The signature technique of his organization is win/loss analysis –  a process by which Trinity lets you know why some deals succeeded and others failed. He is also a sales keynote speaker and coach. Trinity Perspectives is based in Sydney.