Channel and Partner Consultancy

The majority of sales driven organisations underestimate the benefits associated with developing an effective channel and alliances strategy. Only a small minority of companies ever truly reap the rewards of a fully enabled, revenue-ready partner network.

Perhaps the hardest task for any B2B sales organisation is developing a proper understanding of the market opportunity for a given product or service and adequately covering that market. Markets vary dramatically based on geography, industry vertical and maturity, often making the task of proper market coverage appear insurmountable.

The ability to develop, enable and monetise a new partner or channel to market is often the quickest strategy to achieve coverage and scale, in a cost effective and structured manner. Leveraging 15 years of channel experience and knowledge, Trinity Perspectives advises many enterprise sales organisations in developing or enhancing their partnering strategies. Let us know if you could use some support in this area too.

Tangible Benefits:

  • An optimised channel strategy provides organisations with greater reach, both geographically and by industry vertical.
  • A mature channel model can significantly reduce your cost of sale and lead to increased margins, greater sales volumes and more market coverage.
  • Your organisation’s competitiveness should increase significantly due to the broad reach and economies of scale which a well-executed channel strategy can provide.
  • It provides companies with greater flexibility in reacting to specific market pressures or trends and adapting quickly to market dynamics.
  • Ensures a low-cost alternative to service additional market segments or focus more closely on individual niches within existing segments.