Our Four Pillar Services Strategy – Sales Strategy and Sales Management

Trinity Perspectives is a boutique sales consulting and advisory firm, specialising in B2B sales strategy and sales management in the ANZ and APJ regions. We support B2B sales focused organisations in a variety of industries, including IT software, telecommunications, professional services and aviation.

Trinity Perspectives provides tailored sales training and enablement to some clients, strategic advice and outsourced sales management services to others. We also specialise in helping clients structure and improve their channel and partnering strategies, plus develop and deploy best practice Win/Loss Review programs.

Sales Strategy and Sales Management

In the current business environment, as sales quotas continue to rise and buying behaviors continue to evolve, a well-defined sales strategy and detailed plan of attack is critical. Trinity Perspectives works closely with a number of leading sales organisations to improve and refine their sales execution.

From setting the strategic goals of the business, to market penetration strategies, from forecast and pipeline management, to tailoring compensation models to drive specific outcomes, we’ve done it all and we’re here to help.


Sales Training and Consultancy

All too often purchasing decisions are made based on the smallest of perceived differences between similar competing solutions. In this highly commoditised selling environment, the ability to break down a sales cycle into its component parts and improve and refine specific areas can be the difference between success and failure.

Trinity Perspectives’ industry leading sales training and consultancy is based on years of successful sales execution, supported by detailed research. Tested and refined by some of the best B2B sales organisations in the world, we believe it can make a difference for you.


Channel and Partner Consultancy

Developing a proper understanding of the market opportunity for a given product or service and adequately covering that market is perhaps the hardest task for any B2B sales organisation to accomplish. Markets vary dramatically based on geography, industry vertical and maturity, which can often make the task of market coverage appear insurmountable.

The ability to develop, enable and monetise a new partner or channel to market is often the quickest strategy to achieve coverage and scale, in a cost effective and structured manner. Trinity Perspectives provides advice and support to many leading B2B sales organisations in this area. Let us know if you could use some support in this area too?


Win/Loss Review Programs

According to some analysts, less than 5 per cent of organisations in the enterprise sales space systematically analyse the opportunities they win and lose, to better understand the outcome. As the B2B sales market becomes increasingly competitive, many companies are striving to find ways to better engage with and add value to their clients and prospects.

Trinity Perspectives’ Win/Loss Review (WLR) programs are quickly emerging as a game changer, providing real-time intelligence and insights, from the one audience that matters most, our prospective clients. Trinity Perspectives can develop and deploy a tailored WLR program in as little as 30 days, get in touch if you’d like to find out more.