The Importance of Partnerships

Strategic partnerships represent a critical component of the Trinity Perspectives value proposition and a mechanism to rapidly expand the depth and breadth of our solution offering.

At Trinity Perspectives we understand the immense value that can be derived from building strong, sustainable partnerships with organisations that have complimentary offerings. Rather than trying to be all things to all people, our approach at Trinity Perspectives is to focus on those areas where we know we can add the most value for our clients and develop strategic partnerships to support those other areas of greatest need.

Our Partners


Top Sales World (TSW) is a unique location dedicated exclusively to the profession of sales. Its primary objective is to redefine the parameters governing sales team performance. TSW contributors have been carefully chosen, and each one brings a unique element of expertise and experience in specific sales disciplines, which allows TSW to provide its visitors with a constant supply of ‘best-of-breed’ resources.

Cian McLoughlin is a genuine ‘sales futurist’. He delivers dynamic, thought compelling presentations and articles on topics that audiences need to know, if they are serious and committed to what is coming next in sales.

Jonathan Farrington
CEO, Top Sales World


Smallville is a place for small business owners who think big, started by Australia’s #1 small business author Andrew Griffiths.

It is a community where people freely share their ideas, advice and their best knowledge with small business owners everywhere, to help them build the best businesses they possibly can. The information is real, current, practical and relevant to any small business anywhere in the world.

Smallville is a community for small business owners who think BIG and Cian certainly represents our war cry. He is a valued contributor who is easy to work with and always provides unique sales insight with quality advice in his articles.

Carla Schesser
Content Manager, Smallville


Cloud Potential helps companies improve their digital marketing efforts. They optimise sites and search for revenue, not just clicks. They use a tested, logical business process to meet customer and Google expectations, in order to meet company revenue expectations. They also provide page and post optimisation, content creation, technical improvements, and ongoing backend optimisation that increases online competitiveness.

We enjoy working with Cian because of his deep grasp on the reality of selling in today’s environment. He offers a fresh perspective on selling and an actionable way to determine what works – and what doesn’t – with today’s customers. His professional approach to sales coaching is a perfect complement to the work that we do on the digital marketing side.

Kristin Zhivago
President, Cloud Potential and author of Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy